Medicine should be for the masses. Its not proprietary information for the elite few who went to medical school.  The goal is not to be perfectly healthy every second; but rather, lets be Healthy-ish together.  Learn about your own health and make changes to get you healthyish.

*Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment and had questions or wanted more information?

*Ever not understand why your doctor made the decision they did?

*Want to learn more about Health and Mental Health, but you’re not sure where to start?

Stay tuned – you’re in the right place! If you’re overwhelmed by professional medical texts but underwhelmed by most medical handouts….you’re in the right place!

PsychPAC works to be medicine that is transparent, easy to digest & actually makes you a more informed patient. PsychPAC bridges the gap between health literature written for professionals and the watered down handouts patients are used to getting.

PsychPAC is the simple truth with common sense, wit and the type of love you’d expect from your bestie.  We hope you enjoy the website, our handouts & info.  In the future we hope you’ll enjoy our books!