How To Write A Book

Lots of people have ideas and some people act on them.  2018 is my year to act on ideas and make shit happen.  One of the ideas I’m embarking on is writing a book.  The general concept is a health book and a how to avoid being sick book.  Its a book of info you should learn from your general medical provider but probably won’t.

I’m planning to blog about some of the topics and try to share with peers, coworkers and friends.  I want feedback, topic ideas and am really open to help.  I currently have next to no clue how to write a book…..All I have to do is:

  • Learn how to make a website.
  • Figure out social media (other than fb messaging with my aunts who live far away).
  • Ascertain what program authors use to write books.
  • Get the hang of how to write.
  • Keep working full time as an acute care PA.
  • Beg author friends and colleagues to help me out a bit.

Shew.  That should be easy.

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