Thanks for the Love

Awww, y’all.  I am just so flattered and feeling the love so much!  I’m blushing and cheesin’ from ear to ear as I write this.  My tribe just has reacted so well to my plans to write a book (or 3).  And then I went on the live and people watched! And people engaged. It’s everything I could want. (well that and a million dollars would be nice).   

I’ve had a rough couple of years, to say the least.  I battled depression that caused me to temporarily resign from grad school.  I moved twice. My husband (now ex) was having an affair and I had to navigate recovering from depression while being newly single.  All the while I had two kids and I was just trying my hardest daily not to mess them up too bad. So now, in this second half of 2018 I feel like I’m back to my old self and I’m finally hitting my stride.

I’m putting time and energy into Healthyish.  My vision is a community where people have their medical questions answered. The knowledge gained is practical and can be applied in everyday life.  And I positively love that people are asking me questions, suggesting topics and letting me know how I can make medicine relevant to their life.

As I move forward I’m spending a lot of time working on my acute care book, as that’s the first book in my three-fer that I plan to publish.  It’s all about the reasons you would need a same day appointment. The book is head to toe, and by that I mean lice to ingrown toenails. Do you have any certain topics you’d like to read about in the book?  Any questions that you’ve always wanted to ask your kids pediatrician? And don’t worry, you can bet there will be a rant about why Z-packs are not good for sinusitis!!

So, a big heartfelt thank you!  I appreciate the love and support!


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