6 Things You Need to Know About Seasonal Allergies

  1. Nasal Steroid Sprays are the single best medicine you can take! Try Flonase Sensimist – it really doesn’t smell or taste like anything, finally! These are available over the counter, they’re relatively inexpensive and they are just so darn effective. They work further up the chain of allergic reactions so they work way better than antihistamines like Claritin or Zyrtec. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want to put anything up my nose!” Then don’t complain about allergies. You can’t ignore this tip AND complain, sorry Charlie’s.
  2. Keep windows closed! It’s tempting to open your windows and feel the breeze. But if you suffer from seasonal allergies – don’t do it! Allergens blow in and literally make you suffer all night long. Your house is your sanctuary, keep the windows closed and avoid your pillows being allergy vectors.
  3. Things can change year to year. Just because you where safe last year doesn’t mean that you are in the clear.  When you’re exposed to allergens you can develop a reaction and it gets worse year after year.  Also, some years are terrible for certain plants.  When a certain tree has the exact right combo of rain and weather the pollen can be awful.  Everyday I see people who would benefit from nasal glucorticoids but they say “I don’t have allergies.”  Well what they should be saying is “I don’t typically get allergies, but I guess I have them this year..”
  4. Start early!   Take your medicine before the weather gets warm, before you mow your grass and before you spend the day cleaning outside. Its easier to beat the allergies to the punch! Don’t play catch-up. You’ll have miserable days and there’s no sense in that! Your friendly nasal inhaler that you’ll be using to treat allergies is very low side effective and is very cheap. You can actually prevent those miserable days with Flonase prophylaxis!
  5. Your baby blues might not be spared. Red eyes, watery eyes and itchy eyes are hallmarks of springtime allergies. There are about 1 million antihistamine eye drops (rough estimate…) – my favorite is Alaway Drop, theyre a Bausch and Lomb product. Recommended by my favorite eye Dr these drops are kinda pricey but so effective. Those drops help counter the itch, the redness and the watering! Also – see tip #1! Nasal sprays can help even with eye redness!
  6. See your medical professional if breathing is involved or wheezing occurs. A lot of people with allergies battle with asthma. There’s a few options to add in if wheezing is involved but its so crucial to head to your primary care provider or to a local urgent care. Breathing is serious business, don’t chalk wheezing up to allergic rhinitis! You might need a rescue inhaler, a daily steroid inhaler or possibly a pill like Singulair (or a combo of these).

Note: I didn’t get paid to recommend any of these meds, but maybe one day I’ll get free swag (and when that day comes I’ll disclose!)

Spring has sprung!

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