My Secret to Mental Health Awareness

Okay, lets pause with the Justin Timberlake memes long enough to talk about May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Those of you who know me or have followed me at all know that I’m very passionate about Psychiatry. There is still shame, stigma and misinformation about Mental Health. So here’s my insider view and my biggest secret to how we can all work together to make a difference:

We can just talk about Mental Health Care like it’s a basic and fundamental healthcare all people need access to.

That’s it. That’s the culmination of my life’s work so far. I know, it’s not much of a secret. Sorry for the let down.

I just urge everyone: Patients, Providers, Family Members, EMS and First Responders, School Administrators, everyone! Lets just talk about mental health the same way we talk about Somatic medicine. From Anemia to Zika Virus there are a million conditions that have no shame and further they often elicit sympathy and empathy. But talk about Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety or Schizophrenia and this odd phenomena occurs. People often don’t think this is worthy of being called an illness. Sickness is viewed as weakness. And I am setting out to work with all of you to change that.

So let’s all commit this month to talk frankly about how we have all been impacted by Mental Health Disorders. I personally have battled depression since high school. I am a patient of an amazing Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who has helped me for years. So I have depression, I also have plantar fasciitis: neither are my fault.

What about you, Healthy-ish Readers? How has your life been impacted by Mental Health. Lets talk frankly about it this May. Add in the comments and lets discuss this! I know I have lots of patients and advocates that read this blog!

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