Skincare Products I Can’t Live Without

I know y’all want to know what I’m using. Admit it – it’s like being a voyeur when you get to peep on other peoples bathroom sink and dressers. And I am no different. I love reading about, gossiping about and talking about skincare & beauty products. So I’m gonna lay it out there. I’m not getting paid or getting affiliate bonuses. (Maybe one day).


Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil.

Ok ladies, get in formation. We all need this in our life. This is a bottle of oil, and its uses are endless. Use it to wash your face and take off makeup. (Remember from chemistry – like dissolves like). This oil can moisturize your face like none other: put on a layer before bed. It a 100% pure, organic oil and EWG (Environmental Working Group) rates it a 1 (meaning non-toxic product). Check out EWG Skin deep.


CeraVe. Any product.

Daytime SPF cream. Nighttime firming cream. Foot Cream (I have the foot cream on Amazon Subscribe and Save). Bumpy skin lotion… It’s all good. I’m in a Facebook group of amazing Physician Assistant Moms and all the derm mamas recommend Cerave. Plus it’s a drugstore brand so it’s a little more wallet friendly.


Aquaphor & Eucerin

I just can’t say it enough – moisturizing is crucial. Aquaphor protects your skin and moisturizes. Have a scrape, scratch, rash, new tattoo, baby buns? Throw some aquaphor on it. I’m adding Eucerin in because they’re made by the same awesome company.

Healthyish Peeps:

What is your number one go to product? Where do you buy it? Please comment and share!

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