My New Job

Big news in the world of Cody Eccard! I got a new job, and I’m moving! I want to be open and honest about my life in this blog: so here I go. I know parts of this post come across as me bragging, but I’m excited to share how I landed this sweet new gig.

Early in 2019 I decided to move to Northern Virginia to move in with my boyfriend. This came at the same time I decided I no longer wanted to work in Urgent Care, so of course, a new job was in order. I applied for a wide variety of positions in different medical specialties. The list included Family practice, Fertility/GYN, Wound Care, Psychiatry and Geriatrics. And good news came quickly, I had a lot of interview offers right from the jump. There’s lots of reasons why Forbes keeps naming Physician Assistant as one of the best jobs, one is that PAs are so in demand. I was able to rule out jobs based on location, hours, lack of benefits. I also had plenty of time to find the perfect job.

But alas, there were seemingly 2 perfect jobs. Both of them were in psychiatry and for a few weeks the jobs both knew that I was being pursued by another company. This is an amazing thing, to have 2 companies competing for you to work for them! I seriously couldn’t believe I was that in demand! One company just seemed to offer everything I needed in terms of timing, support, growth possibility and company atmosphere. During this time I negotiated hard. I’m really proud of the fact that I acted like a business woman and earned a 20% raise from my Urgent Care job. (I’m planning a blog post on negotiating, more on that later…). I signed a contract in February, and the rest, as they say, is history. I will be working in Urgent Care until the end of June 2019, then will move and begin my new job. I will be doing medication management and therapy to outpatient clients in Fairfax, VA. I am beyond excited.  Heres a snap of me before I went on one of my interviews!


My new practice sees adults and combines psychiatry (medicine) with psychology (think therapists and social workers). I am so excited to provide this needed service. The wait and struggle to find outpatient psychiatric care is so real, and I’m thrilled I get to a small part of the solution!!!


  1. Rebecca Pittman

    So excited for you Cody! This is the perfect combo of your social work and PA background. Thanks for always being my therapist when I needed you! <3 Enjoy northern VA!!

  2. Debbie Rice

    Congratulations to YOU for ALL OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!! All of this comes as no huge surprise though. You’ve always been a “go getter” and finally you are appreciated for your vast array of talents. I’m over the moon excited for you <3 Please stay in touch and keep us up to date <3 <3 <3
    Love and blessings, Debbie Rice

  3. Kamala

    Congratulations CodyAnn. This is the perfect place for you. A great combination of your overall passion. You’re an awesome person and this is well deserved. I’m so happy for you.

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