How I’m Making the Summer of 2019 Magical for my Kids

This is a post specific to parents – I’m just writing what I know folks….Here’s a picture of my little cherubs on their last day of school.


All right crew – its summer break. Lets all breathe a collective sigh that we made it through another school year. Lets put the lunchboxes away and be happy for a second. Then after that one brief second of glee our mind goes to, “What are my kids going to do all summer?” Well I’m here to offer a suggestion of what to plan for this summer:


Don’t plan a million sports camps, sleep away camps, play dates, swim lessons, vacation Bible schools and All-Star baseball practices. Don’t plan lacrosse tournaments, art projects or gymnastics skills workshops. Instead, plan on downtime. Actually schedule time to have your family take a break.

I’m challenging parents to schedule in time for kids to be bored. The summer of 2019 sure sounds like a great time to do nothing.

Sure, childcare during the summer often looks like a camp. Maybe they are attending YMCA camps because working parents need summer options. But outside of that let your kid be bored.   Can you imagine nights not running around? Pro-tip: its great. Imagine weekends without sports every Saturday morning…it’s a beautiful thing. I’m not the first person to write a similar blog post – and I wont be the last. But this is my health blog so I’m giving my 2 cents: STOP THE GLORIFICATION OF BUSY. It ain’t cool.

There’s no award or victory for being crazy busy. This is a personal post because I’ve purposefully kept my kids not busy. I let them be bored. Know what happens when you don’t schedule anything? Amazing things.

My kids think of art activities (last weekend they put sprinkles and colored water in old plastic bottles), they think of foods they might learn how to make. Kids go outside and play games with sticks. Sure they complain at first, but I promise if you push past the “I’m bored,” complaints, magic happens. So join me in scheduling downtime. Don’t feel guilty that your kids aren’t participating, feel joyful that your kids are relaxed, creative and full of imagination.

The only way you’ll know if I’m right is to give it a try – so grab your calendar and schedule in Nothing!

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