Movin’ On Up…

Moving Day!! This past week has been really rough. But its worth sharing. I wanted to reflect on this personal occasion because it was a physical reminder of the importance of mental health.


Today was beyond stressful for me. I don’t have words to adequately describe it, but I had an extreme amount of anxiety surrounding the move. I was worried about the movers, the truck, my stuff, packing, my kids, new bedrooms and the list goes on and on. The amount of anxiety I had was totally disproportionate to the amount I needed. But that’s kinda how anxiety works, amiright?


My anxiety and stress all manifested with stomach issues. I probably puked 50x in the past week. I would eat, feel sick and then just start gagging. I couldn’t stop it, even though I knew it was just my mind playing evil tricks on my body. My mouth is currently covered in apthous ulcers (canker sores), a sure sign my stress levels are high. Glamorous, I know. But the point of this blog post is to illustrate just how physically ill I got from my mental illness rearing its ugly head. Y’all, I was SICK because of this life change.

But just like every day before I got through today. I teared up a time or two at the bittersweet emotions that come with moving on. I love the little life I built for myself post divorce, and my townhouse was definitely a part of that. I avoided talking to my dearest neighbor because I knew it would bring tears. I ate pizza and had a midafternoon beer. I leaned on my mother and my boyfriend for support. But here it is, 10pm. I’m in my new house. Let me reiterate and shout it one more time: I got through today!

Shew. All my stuff is still in boxes and there’s a ton of work to do. But I am able to exhale (without barfing). I survived a huge day. Cue the happy sigh of relief.


Also: I’m working on a little mini-series of blog posts about Acute Healthcare topics: think “Reasons why people go to urgent care..’ Stay tuned this week as I roll out blog posts and FB lives!!!

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