Girls Weekend Musings

I recently read some news article that referenced an actual peer-reviewed health study and the point of the study was girlfriends positively impact your health. It went on to say girls weekends and vacations were good for your health. Well honey that’s all I needed to plan a weekend away with some of my besties.


Believe me – I know its not as easy as just declaring “I want a girls weekend..” I was in the process of moving. One girlfriend has been struggling with her son’s health. One girlfriend had a lot of social anxiety and thought the trip might be too overwhelming. It took effort to book hotel rooms, find times that worked for everyone, take time off work and arrange for childcare. Its not easy to just have a girl’s weekend. (In fact I’m planning a beach week with girlfriends, spouses and kids and we’re planning over a year in advance). But oh, was it worth the effort. And in my experience – its always worth the work.


We went on a 2 night getaway. It was me and 3 of my closest friends. They’re the type of friends that I don’t talk to everyday but as soon as were all together its “simpatico.” This weekend the conversation and cocktails flowed freely. And one super fun thing is we were very compliment heavy. What I mean to say is, my girlfriends were throwing out compliments and just calling attention to every good feature. It was a joy and a serious boost to my self-esteem.


We laughed hysterically, drank rose by the pool, had an amazing meal at Fish by Jose Andres, gambled, danced and made memories. I want to emphasize the laughed hysterically part. I mean, from the first second it was all laughs, to the point my stomach ached. And let’s emphasize the dancing part, we danced a lot too.

Having girlfriends is a gift. And that is not at all lost on me. I appreciate the sweet time together. Each friend has unique gifts and the group had life and energy of its own. And the energy of that group refills my cup and gives me life. Cheers to my girlfriends and cheers to many more weekends with them.

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