True Facts about the Birthday Girl!

Ok, it’s my birthday – so today’s post is all about me. I ain’t even sorry. (There will also be a ton of selfies…enjoy). I thought I’d share a few little known “odd but true” facts about me.


  1. I love QVC. I watch it nonstop. I very rarely but anything – but man do those hosts keep me company. The hosts seriously amaze me – they can sell anything and all while cracking cheesy jokes. It’s the best background noise I’ve found. (True story: one time I drank a bottle of wine and then ordered $150 worth of bubble bath, best decision I’ve ever made).
  2. I also love carbonation. Bubble in every please. First of all, I love diet coke, but I am actively trying to drink less of it. So I’ve found myself drinking carbonated water – coconut la Croix, triple berry deer park, and of course orange-vanilla weis brand water – I love them all. An champagne, lets not forget champagne. Obvi I love bubble in my wine!
  3. Taking photos for random strangers is my mitzvah. If I see people taking selfies, one person taking pictures of the rest of the group or sometimes random moms with her kids – I offer to take their picture. If you’ve been pretty much anywhere in public with me you’ve probably witnessed this.
  4. I don’t like fireworks. There I said it. Unpopular opinion – and its tragic that a 4th of July baby would say this – but I think fireworks are totally overrated. Loud and not that impressive and every year they’re always the same. The medical provider in me also would like to point out they’re terribly dangerous.
  5. I have 7 Christmas trees. You could say I love a good Holiday Decoration. It started when I lived in my gigantic old house, and it made sense then. I’ve since moved (twice) but the trees stayed with me. I throw ‘em in every corner and put up tons of garland in between. I love Christmas decorations!
  6. I have a group text labeled the “Inner Circle of Trust.” Its pretty much just what it sounds like. Lucky for me the other group members are brilliant, funny and keep me sane. I’m not going to name names – you know who you are….
  7. I’m working on having an abundance mindset. It’s a shift from what comes naturally – but I firmly believe we can all be happy, healthy and have everything we need. It feels great not to compete with people! Try it out! (For reals – Read: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero).
  8. I’m happier than I’ve been in years. 33-35 were rough and terrible, but so far 36 is great. I have health, I have beautiful kids, I have an awesome boyfriend, the best family and friends, an exciting new job and genuine happiness. What more could a girl ask for? (If anyone’s listening – a million dollars wouldn’t hurt.)


I could go on and on but no one wants to read that. Just wanted to share a quick blog post for my birthday. Thanks for all the love and support this past year. I have the most amazing tribe and lucky for me it’s growing!

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