Words to Live By

As I’m writing this – I’m in a mountainside vacation villa enjoying my morning caffeinated water (Hi Ball Brand, in case anybody is wondering…). I can hear kids inside playing and I’m enjoying the sun on the deck. We have a fun day of going to the waterpark planned. It’s a moment where I can easily claim happiness. And I genuinely think I found that happiness because I was looking for it. “What do I mean?” you might ask…

We all have words we live by. (Side note – if you don’t have words to live by May I suggest you get some…). I have one such phrase that has really helped me when I’ve been low and when I’ve had small or large victories. It helps me make peace with bad news and be optimistic. I have it on a post it note in my kitchen, but I also have fancy prints of it around the house. Ok are you all ready??

“What you seek is also seeking you.” Rumi

IMG_0366That’s it – that my mantra. (I got that image from deborahking.com).  When I was so sad and so depressed I was seeking brighter days – I knew brighter days were seeking me also. I wanted love and a lasting relationship and I genuinely took solace in knowing someone was actively looking to be my partner. (P.s. Thanks Universe, you really took care of me on that one). I think about a successful blog and books and I feel that the universe wants me to blog and write. See the pattern? What I desire, I give energy to and the Universe gives me that positive energy back.

These words we live by help our mental health and well-being. It might be a phrase your Mother said growing up, it could be some image you saw on Pinterest, or perhaps a Bible verse. What words can you repeat to yourself that bring you peace? I mentioned this briefly but if you don’t have a manta or phrase you live by – change that. Get one. It can really help bring contentment and stillness in busy times of turmoil. I know because I have had dark days and words brought me comfort.

I could go on and on and provide example after example of how this phrase gives me strength. But I want to hear some of yours! What is your mantra? What Words do you live by??

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