Paper Planners and Inner Peace

Ok – this is my blog. That means I get to write about topics that matter to me…and that means Planners! It has little to do with somatic health, but has everything to do with my personal Mental health! I am still hooked on paper and pencil planning. Sure, I have a calendar through my gmail but it just doesn’t bring me joy and calm like my paper planners, fancy pens and stickers.

Want to see which planners I use? Of course you do – that’s a silly question! This is another glimpse into my life – again I’m not making money from these endorsements (shocker, I know!) Maybe one day I’ll get a free planner in the mail.  I bought both of this years planners at Staples, neither are personalized or super fancy. IMG_0494

My system – work and appointments go into my monthly calendar. I love color coding things and The Simplified Planner is great for that. It helps keeps days at work and days off work organized. This is the planner that I carry around with me and what I check when someone says “Are you free for lunch?”


My daily calendar is a fixture on my kitchen counter. Previously I used a Day Designer Brand daily planner.  However – I recently made my own daily planner that has everything I need and want. I keep it on my kitchen counter as a running place to put my daily to do lists. I love that it has a spot for gratitude – it’s a good reminder we all have plenty to be thankful for.  I also write down my weight everyday because I’m kinda neurotic like that.


Want to download this awesome daily planner? You know you want to! Just click here:


And while I’m talking about paper planners: let me just dwell on the joy that is making and crossing off to-do lists. It’s a little bit of happy in each task and then all those bits of happy accumulate into a huge victory when that list is accomplished. (In case you’re dying to know – Today registering my kids for school and grooming my eyebrows are among my top tasks).

But here’s a big secret – pure planner gold – it doesn’t actually matter what planner you use (yes, it can even be digital…). What matters is that your planner helps you organize your thoughts, your time and your energy. Every Sunday I plan meals, review appointments and block my time. And that time spent planning gives me a great deal of peace. It makes me feel like I’m in control of my week, not the other way around. And that control is another way I feel healthy-ish.

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