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Some kids dread going back to school every fall, others love it.  I know, because I have one of each.  Some parents are sad to see summer end, other parents love the first day of school.   In case you’re wondering I’m sad to see summer end.  This blog serves to be a message to all parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents: no matter where you fall on the back to school spectrum.

So here’s my big advice: Don’t make any plans for the next week or 2.  You read that right.  Don’t expect your children to come home from being well behaved at school and go right into other activities.  You’re asking too much from your children and probably exhausting yourself while you’re at it. 

Just let your kids come home and veg.  Give them a snack and let them play outside, or even give them some quiet screen time (yeah, I said it).  Whatever is a mind break for them – let them do that.  They may seem wound up or they may seem exhausted, both of those emotions kinda make sense.  Life just changed!

This blog is a reminder that a major change in schedule is hard for most kids.  It takes time to be adjusted and used to the early mornings, the long days and the schedule that school brings.  Whether your child was at camp, a private daycare, or home with family all summer…school is a major adjustment.  And change isn’t easy!

Think about someone changing when you ate lunch and who you ate with.  Or what if we replaced your supervisor with someone new?  You’d probably bitch and moan for at least a few days.  Amiright?

On a personal note, my kids are not only starting a new school year – but they changed schools and will be attending a new elementary school.  So this blog is just as much a note to myself as it is to anyone else reading.  As I mentioned briefly my kids are mixed bags of emotions.  My son says he doesn’t want to go to school and introduced himself as “Anonymous” to his new teacher.  Meanwhile my daughter is excited to meet classmates and make new friends at our new home.  And your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and neighbors are probably also all up in their feels as a new school year starts. 

I can picture it now.  My kids both coming home from school, famished and not talking at all.  My son will eat, strip down to his undies (his “comfy clothes” as he calls them), crawl under a blanket and watch sports highlights online.  My daughter will come home, eat and then do a craft (I have a new “color your sticker” book waiting).  

Eventually school will become routine and everyone will get used to how life is.  But these first few days or maybe even weeks are periods of adjustment.  Be gentle to your children and let’s give them some grace as they start this new school year.

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