We all have areas of our life we wish were better.  Like, reality, but a better version.  For example, I wish I didn’t have spider veins.  My legs, but better.  However I don’t have millions to spend on cosmetic procedures.  So lets focus on what we can control and work on being healthyish.  

Which brings me to my point for this post – I’m doing a Sober-tember.  It’s like a regular September, except without booze.  30 Days of fun, plenty of healthy food…just no spirits. I found that throughout the summer it was far too easy to add some Tito’s to my seltzer or have some delicious, cold white wine. I found I was getting in the habit of having a drink with dinner or after dinner almost daily.  Um, yikes! I can do better than that!

Yuck….I admit I’ve had more than one wine headache in my life…

And the research is in my favor! If you’re a social to moderate drinker – periods of abstaining from alcohol can help improve multiple health measures.  One Studyfound that one-month without alcohol improves blood pressure, liver function tests, insulin resistance and some cancer growth factors!!  Um, sign me up please. A second studyhad a small sample size (only 16 people!) but showed a clear finding of healthier livers after a one-month period of no alcohol. 

I’ll speak totally for myself and say that while my drinks tend to be light (vodka and soda please) any alcohol tends to make me say yes to poorer food choices.  So it’s like a cycle of feeling crappy.  Have a drink, say yes to a second drink, and say yes to food with no nutritional value.  Also, the occasional morning after wine headache…(dare I say hangover?!)  Turns out that headache is easily avoided by abstaining. 

And I sleep better with no booze, and I’m not alone.  You know I’m a big proponent of sleep hygiene.  Well, no alcohol is a big one!  Lots of evidenceshows that sleep is disturbed, insomnia increases and sleep is of poor quality when you’ve been drinking.   Let me break that down: alcohol makes you feel sleepy – but it’s a trick!  You have insomnia and or crappy sleep when drinking.  Don’t get me on a tangent about insomnia…you all know how I feel!

So there you have it folks – hard evidence, my feelings and a few facts to get you thinking about Sober-tember.  I welcome anyone/everyone to join me in raising a mocktail and kissing alcohol goodbye for a bit. 

Mocktails for everybody!

P.S. If you’re reading this on September 5thor June 5thor anytime and you think its too late – its not.  Just join in the sober fun whenever you read this and start counting for 30 days.  Its not rocket science.  

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